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Welcome to NKGONLINE.COM,  a small web services provider company from Hyderabad, India. Started in the year 2000, NKG ONLINE has been working in the areas of Web development, Android Apps Development etc. Our team`s core expertise is in LAMP environment and Android Mobile Apps Development. We are also into digital content production for the Social media channels who wish to monetize their content on youtube, facebook etc. Apart from offering the above, NKG ONLINE has the following verticals. Please feel free to browse our network
OUR CHANNELS a matrimonial website. Started in 2005, has been that fights against dowry system. Members who oppose dowry system can join and select their life partner a job portal for the disabled.   Disabled jobseekers can reach their prospects employers to find employment, a solution which helps NGO`s (Nonprofit organizations) to get their website  for just 10$